January – March 2008 – Our annual “shopping trip” spoilt by a mosquito!

This year we went back to our sources in Indonesia, Thailand and Laos for our treasures but also to get display furniture (our fab reclaimed shelving) for the new shop in Cowes.
It was all going rather well – until a mosquito, somewhere between Flores, Lombok and Bali, bit Katia.  She had contracted a very serious case of dengue fever, little known but often fatal, and spent 8 days in intensive care, scaring all concerned, while the disease took its course until, happily, she began to recover.  However she was utterly exhausted so had to spend a couple of weeks recuperating…. in Bali…by the sea… whilst John ran around organising purchases, packing and shipping… …Hmmmmm?!

Anyway, the remainder of the trip was uneventful and we rushed home to get the new shop ready.