Spring 2014 - we open a new shop....!

After our wonderful Autumn adventure in Palestine and Israel, our travels this winter were confined to SE Asia.  This was because, besides finding some fabulous new lighting, furniture and housewares, we particularly needed to source gemstones and pearls and commission even more jewellery and accessories than usual. 

The reason?  We had taken on another shop, at 120 High Street, right in the heart of Cowes.

We are, of course, slightly unorthodox in our business and so, to “buck the trend” we had decided to expand our successful online e-commerce business www.theearringcollection.com,

into a bricks & mortar presence on the High Street.

When offered the opportunity to take on a gorgeous shop right in the centre of Cowes, we deliberated for, oooh,  seconds,

So, when we returned from this year’s sourcing travels laden with unique and superb jewellery, as well as the usual excitement of getting our two Drift shops ready to open and having our jewellery hallmarked at the London Goldsmiths, we also worked around the clock, fitting out and decorating the new shop, ,  …

.. and we’re rather pleased with the end result.

As there’s just the two of us and already two Drift shops, we needed to find some like-minded staff who would also get excited about finding the perfect pair of earrings for our customers.    And we have been sooo lucky!

After some intensive training on gemstones, hallmarking, our unique sourcing methods and the technicalities of jewellery design (and lots of fun involving the five of us going through our latest pieces going “ooh, that’s gorgeous”), The Earring Collection opened at Easter with Holly, Emilie and Sarah on board and ready to introduce more customers to our range of unique and glorious earrings (as well as rings, necklaces and accessories.)












We hope you’ll visit and see what they can help you find!