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2022 - commissioning artworks remotely

Since we founded Drift in 2006, we have ventured to the backwaters and back-streets of the world to source our treasures.  John has organised the shipping, freighting (or, sometimes, hand-carrying) the finds back to the Isle of Wight and it has often been a real challenge.

In early 2021 & early 2022, travel itself was the challenge.   But we needed to “re-stock” some items.

Five years previously we had found beautiful wall art pieces made by an artist called Jeab while we were in Northern Thailand.  After the last few samples were snapped up we contacted Jeab to try and arrange an order remotely…. a very rare thing for us to do.

However, we chose designs, made all arrangements for freight and importing and waited for Jeab and family to exercise their craft.

Meanwhile she recorded the process for us and for you

After harvesting the lotus leaves, they are cleaned and sorted before drying in the sun.

They are then dyed using natural materials.

This is a wholly sustainable process!

The leaves are then arranged into glorious designs on canvas frames;

The veins are picked out in gold for added lustre and luxury and the piece is sealed to protect it.

The results !

Jeab and her family completed the order and made all the freight arrangements as well.

The pieces have arrived and the end results were even better than expected.

A very successful arrangement, largely thanks to Jeab.