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Large lacquer Vase


Burmese Vase with lid

This superb example, by Nwe Ni and family in Bagan, Myanmar, is one of the unusual pieces decorated with different textures of black lacquer and only the inside coated with vermilion.  This, the highest quality of lacquer, is made using split bamboo, interwoven with horsehair and lined with fine linen to create the basic form of the piece.  It is then given, in this case 20+, coats of the sap of the Thitsee (“lak”) tree, indigenuous to Myanmar.  Each coat must cure for 1-2 weeks in a cool, humid environment (usually a dank cellar) as opposed to the dry, hot climate of the region. Between coats, the surface is polished perfectly smooth and then engraved with intricate designs, in this case using different textures of finish.

Most high-quality pieces will, therefore, take 9+ months to complete.

This particular example is well over a year’s work.

One-off, museum-quality piece

60cms tall

Nwe Ni, Katia & John with the selection we brought back


Burma Temples
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