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Vintage Coffee (Serving) Pot


Large Coffee Service Pot

Mid-C20th,  Damascus, Syria

Sourced from Hassoun family, Tripoli

Part of Radwan’s copper-smithing family hails from Damascus and Aleppo in Syria and this pot was made by them some decades previously.

The pot is not for making coffee but for keeping it hot and serving the thick black Lebanese (Arabic or Turkish-like) coffee.  The central “chimney” holds charcoal and is surrounded by an outer chamber within which the coffee keeps hot.   The handle is clad in leather for comfort.

(There is a hatch in the base for emptying out the spent charcoal and the seams and joins in the copper of the base mean that it cannot be placed directly on fire to make coffee.)

These pots are frequently seen around the smaller villages and towns across Lebanon (and further afield), usually on the back of bicycles with a stack of paper cups and a sugar jar.   Starbucks coffee cannot compete with the original!

40cms tall

Tripoli and Copperware
The Source.